Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos, now 34 years of age, for me is the symbol of Real Madrid.

Captain, leader, warrior, central defender, intimidator – all words used to describe one of the all time best defenders in the game.

World Cup winner and four time Champions League winner.

If you are his teammate, you are emboldened by looking across the locker room to be reminded that you are going into high pressure matches with him by your side.

Certainly one would think that Raphael Varane has that same feeling that Pepe felt for many years as a centre back pairing.

An “old school” centre-back

Sergio Ramos has throwback tendencies to “old school” and “hard” defenders that go into the “grey” area of intimidation, bending of the rules and tackling.

He is also equipped with modern tendencies technically and with his ability to score goals like he did against Eibar.

Real Madrid’s #4 has scored 116 times which is “off the charts” for a defender.

You may love him or you may hate him.

If you hate him, you know deep down inside you wish he was on your team.

The five time La Liga “Defender of the Year” was the loudest, most talkative player on the field at the Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium this past Sunday.

Ramos in action

When Ramos won a ball in his own half and initiated the counter attack, you knew he was going to keep going forward to join in.

After a 70 yard run and transitional fútbol that he started by winning the ball, Ramos ended up the goal scorer after a pass from Eden Hazard.

Ramos shines with his “love’ for his jersey, his club.

You just can’t imagine this team without him.

This is not a player trying to being a celebrity or a musician. This is a 100% footballer dedicated to the game and the cause.

After coming off in the 61st minute due to tightness in his thigh, one quickly realized his presence had disappeared. To that point, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane used a poor second half performance to give his team a “dressing down” after concentration waned in the absence of Ramos.

Legacy at Real Madrid

When Sergio Ramos hangs them up, he will be mentioned in the same vein as Milan great Paolo Maldini and the greatest defenders and club servants in the world.

Ramos, in this weekend’s Real Madrid return to action against Eibar in a 3-1 win, was his committed and leading self.

Love him or hate him, Ramos deserves respect for his commitment to the game and his club. The future, at 34, may mean he will have to play the game differently.

His wish is to retire at Real Madrid and I for one hope he does.

There is no doubt that one day he will be included in the greats of Real Madrid lore, he will be remembered for many triumphs and the ferocious nature in which he played the game.