These days I am listening to a lot of vinyl, there is something nostalgic about it……putting a needle on a record then hearing amazing music in a rawer form than digital is something that is therapeutic.

I decided to get back in to vinyl and, on trips back to see my parents in New Jersey, I have been lugging records back on the plane.

I start the day with coffee and the perfect record out of my collection that I play on a Pioneer receiver, project turntable and Bowers and Wilkins speakers.

So that brings me to this unique interview we will do with Sigs Lagoon record store owner Thomas Escalante, who has a Bolivian and soccer background. Record store owners are passionate about music and a vast wealth of knowledge!

I connect with their passion for music.

His store is located next to the legendary Continental Club in midtown and fits in to one of the coolest streets in town. It is a throwback, a great throwback!

Looking forward to talking the world of vinyl with Thomas of Sigs Lagoon! #SoccerMatters #VinylMatters